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nnh Ad-Net offers a unique banner advertising network. Our members are given the opportunity of placing prominent advertisements onto web sites of other members. Simply show quality adverts on your site and your ads will automatically appear on other members sites, it's that easy!
Because our members display their adverts at the top of their web pages, you know your ads will be receiving quality exposure in a prominent web site position. All accounts are individually checked, any wrongly placed ads are removed from the network. That's right, unlike other networks we actually ask members to leave.

All members receive an account administration area from where you can view your advertisement's exposures and click throughs. So you can clearly see they are receiving the exposure you require. You will even be able to see the IP addresses of your viewers.
Why must every web site have a banner advertising strategy? It's simple YOUR adverts could appear on web sites, and be viewed by a NEW audience, that may never have had the opportunity of knowing about your web site by any other means. They may visit once but many could return to become regular visitors.
nnh Ad-Net offers a FREE exchange network along with a pay per ad network for sites that are not able to, or do not wish to show advertisements.
Sign up here, join our community of advertisers and start getting that extra promotion.


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